Allow Me To Re-Introduce Myself

Fine – technically, it’s “introduce” – but a huge whatevs.

I figured i needed a new hobby.  To add to my two.  So i decided to try this bad boy out and thought

“gee J Dawg, what on earth would you write about though?  What interests you outside of the normal three W’s – Wine, Whiskey, and World Wide traaaveling (okay, fine, i need another W, whiskey…shudder…)

And then it hit me

– what infuriates me more than everything?

– What can lead me drinking aforementioned horrible alcohol?

– What constantly ensures that i’m yelling at my laptop streaming content in the middle of restaurant on work trips?

…..And shock me, shock me, shock me – an idea was born, it’s gonna be about HOCKEY!


I know – right, Jonah Hill?  Totally shocking.  And not merely about “just” hockey, but an even more luscious lovely and fantastical fascinating a topic – the good ol Motown’s boys.

You know who i’m talking about, city on the rise.  D-Town.  Can I get an AMEN! (*whispers back to herself…Amen!) The Deeeeeeeetroit Red Wings.

Also known as the one hobby i decided to have.  Well, now two. Fiiiine, technically three now that i’m attempting the blog/vlog/plog? Glog?  Gif log?  YOU GET THE IDEA.

So, basically, you’re welcome America. Fist bump that shit out.


It all started, as most great stories do with two pretty young girls, under a beaming sun, who had just discovered immense passion together.


Translation:  Two tired arse chicas,  on deployment in Afghanistan -height of the war , operating on no sleep for the past 28 hours, and were trying to stay relevant by giving each other shit.


Okay, not really us, but STILL…

Then (cue dramatic sweeping epic music…Hans Zimmer and shit) we realized, that we both loved Hockey (and hell yes i capitalized that shizah).

And a bestie friendship was immediately formed (VOLTRON – UNITE)

But then….then we realized….dun dun duuuuun

“two households…both alike in dignity…in fair Bagram, Afghanistan…where we lay our scene.  From ancient grudge break to new mutiny…where civil blood makes civil hands unclean”

Detroit vs. Chicago

Original Six vs Original Six

Cold White North vs Cold White North

We dropped the gloves.


After we’d rolled around on the ground and hit each other with feather pillows in tiny shorts (MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER, PERVS), we quickly realized we could turn this into a tentative friendship.   Except on game days.  And then we turned our attention back to trying to getting the bad guys.  Some dude name Usama Bin Laden.  Cause we heard he was important too.



9 years later, we jokingly (possibly drunkenly) made a bet with each other (OKAY FINE, we were hammered) that we would travel and see our teams in every major NHL stadium that they played in.  And travel together to both Chicago and Detroit once each when we played each other.  Cause we are misfit orphans, doomed to roam our remote outposts known as DC and NC, where the hockey teams suck (or we say they do) and screaming at our laptops at any given opportunity.

This is my official account of my travels.  Alcohol will likely be involve.  I may discuss my second hobby (to be revealed later).  Real pics may actually be involved.

Let the games begin. And shenanigans.


Stay thirsty, my friends.



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